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Detection indexes of sunglasses: top coke and prism degree of the deviation

by:Eugenia     2020-08-18
Sunglasses detection of the main indicators are: optical performance of lens, frame properties, assembly and cosmetic requirement, transmission characteristics ( Including light transmittance, the average transmittance of ultraviolet spectrum area, the traffic signal identification of projection than features such as color limit) Mechanical impact resistance, etc. Key indicators have coke, prism of the deviation degree, average optical transmittance, uv transmittance ( Ultraviolet spectrum area) And traffic signal transmission ratio. This paper mainly introduces the is coke and prism of the deviation degree. A focal sunglasses generally refers to the optical density of the deviation, top consistent without degree, plain sunglasses sunglasses nominal focal degree value should be zero. 00 d, given in GB10810 flat lens focal degrees of tolerance, namely the mirror ball + 0 or less. 08 d, column mirror + 0 or less. 6 d, that is, the top sunglasses focal degrees of residual value is not greater than the value, of course, top of coke as small as possible, 0. 00 d is preferred. Lens manufacturing deviation or lens is not in conformity with the frame assembly, are likely to produce coke degree deviation ( With or focal degree of positive or negative) , if beyond a certain range, depending on the wearer may feel deformation, serious can affect the health of the wearer's vision. Easy to produce visual fatigue, vision loss, bring unnecessary damage to eyes. Second, the prism prism of sunglasses degrees also should be 0. 00 delta, if the lens with prism degree, will produce see things coke, exceeds the scope of the standard allows may cause eyes see things can't unity, or produce high and low imbalance, intensifying the wearer of the extraocular muscle and optic nerve disorder, serious still can cause nerve adjustment disorder, makes the wearer feel deformation vision, uncomfortable, fatigue, or produce the serious consequences such as strabismus. The prism degree of sunglasses should 0 or less. 25 delta, lens lenses with zero prism degree preferred.
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