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Dienastie 2018 new glasses series' Do Whatever '

by:Eugenia     2020-07-17
Nowadays, Dienastie field in the street has become one of the most popular brand, and constantly from the street culture and fashion inspiration, produce infinite originality. Not only such, Dienastie hi focuses on how to bring the sun glasses better design and higher quality, in addition, we also hope to be able to surrounding products convey the fashionable collocation to the wearer. Dienastie aimed at each wearer, whether it is easy to the design of the collocation, or affinity of price positioning, among the products of each season Dienastie have been proved this point. 2018 in Dienastie also is a key way development up to now, also in growing mature. In the New Year, we will also bring more different products and design. 'Do Whatever' is Dienastie brand motto, we hope everyone can follow thoughts, and the joy of success in action. 2018 collection we will bring in more advanced ideas, as the main design elements used in a different category. Might as well first to see Dienastie in 2018 new product preview: alina meng-the supervisor get inspiration from the classic design of the cat's eye picture frame, and improve it, Dienastie built the same classic alina meng-the supervisor series. The modern sense, and not easy outdated, no matter in what era environment, the modelling of alina meng-the supervisor series are able to make you more fashionable breath. CRUZ Tom cruise in 'top gun' glasses modelling classic, Dienastie also glasses for such a classic design is modified, and the design named CRUZ. Edge framework bring different geometric sense, candy color is pure color of the lens is the most popular elements, such classic freshmen and collision, also is worth a try. Recommended reading: what style of sunglasses good-looking MOONEYMOONEY and classic movies 'cocktail' classic role of the same name, this product is derived from the design of the frame with the same role in the movie worn retro feeling. In style restoring ancient ways is popular now, MOONEY lenses of hollow out nature is the window on the details. Complementary color restoring ancient ways of the lens, creating unique temperament. HEX to improve the design of the most popular since Dienastie, HEX will also be a new product also hot. Half box design can better adapt to in daily wear, with the edge of sven and neutralize the hale and hearty. More joker HEX can become your daily of choice! APEX said to update, how could you not our most popular classic wide APEX? ! APEX of 2018 we can meet those myopia, handsome out at this time frame will become your part of my life. You love the cause of the APEX of the very obvious, the don't pick and handsome, wearing comfortable is the most worthy of points. Plus 2018 red peach pink lens, APEX is that you take off the out of the item. WENJUN, clean, in New York City, 10, li CherryGun cherry gun, package childe girls, supermodel Fox these very individualizing reds and bloggers have already can't wait to put on the new.
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