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Different black-rimmed glasses, don't feel like ( 2)

by:Eugenia     2020-07-19
Black box look about the stars, the last time we talk about the fan bingbing, Yang mi, and zhao wei, zhou xun, the small make up to take you watch all kinds of glasses. Only you unexpected, no you can't see, follow the small make up have meat to eat! Cecilia liu is also very nice with black glasses? Very in keeping with her small and pure and fresh temperament, simple and quiet, have the feeling of the girl next door. Uproot shayna wear black box can be more highlights her ghost elves side, in a different collocation also can show her one of the few quiet appearance. , still can be movable black-rimmed glasses absolute highlight your temperament is the better choice. Lin2 xin such as black box look, can perfect embodiment passers-by, disguise can become bosom sister warm and quiet, with her old appearance is envy letting a person. Sweet xin li xiaolu mother, has always been a sweet and lovely image, wearing glasses, she can walk alternative routes, ghost Ma Keai, also can have the feeling of white-collar women, very personal. Different black-rimmed glasses, don't feel like every black-rimmed glasses, can bring you don't like you. Want to dig out more unknown temperament, want a more comprehensive understanding of themselves, black-rimmed glasses, is that you need a better choice. There are more stars in the black box of fashion, the next, small make up waiting for you.
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