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Different black-rimmed glasses, don't feel like ( 3)

by:Eugenia     2020-07-19
Hello everybody is good, rolls, I again come, we talked of the previous period Cecilia liu, li xiaolu, liweijia, xie, lin2 xin such as the black box of the fashion, this period, we continue to look at the stars who has a better taste in fashion. Just started out with neutral image of li yuchun, do you still remember her so pure lovely side? Large black ray-ban frame line gets her flawless skin more fair, let a person feel as if with a just graduated from high school. Sa o put on this kind of glasses is young students a, this look absolutely too tender. Bilateral symmetry of horsetail even with old-fashioned style shirt also let a person feel youthful pace. Thanks to hair and glasses geological angry enough, so let the whole also look young. Reduction of age artifacts black-rimmed glasses, no problem. Still recognize? Don't doubt, this is the jin sha. Always long hair sweet quiet jin sha also can have such a tomboy, surprised? A pair of black box of neuter temperament foil of her out, don't have a taste. Recognize who is this? Remember you from the stars '? Yes this is 'two thousand' quan zhixian quan zhixian! Embodiment elegant OL temperament changed her? On a clothing brand print ads, quan zhixian is gentility in black-rimmed glasses career women's fashion image. Echocardiography action, hurry up to find that belongs to you black-rimmed glasses! The black box of female stars look small make up will be to introduce you to so much, dear sister want to see the beautiful male stars in the black box of fashion, also please continue to focus on small make up a new dynamic oh, a big wave son handsome boy will come!
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