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Different black-rimmed glasses, don't feel like ( A)

by:Eugenia     2020-07-19
Black-rimmed glasses fashion agitation would have swept across the entire entertainment industry, myopia or not myopic stars are wearing. Black-rimmed glasses peremptory has become a trend in similar sunglasses general accessories. Are unable to follow suit, wearing is wearing white; There are also wearing a fashionable temperament of individual grade. Let small make up take you to see who can use a pair of black glasses 'with' a more fashionable feeling. Fan bingbing wearing a black frame glasses, instant incarnation intellectual white-collar women Zhou Xundai black-rimmed glasses, a thick glass lenses, individual character is dye-in-the-wood. Big picture frame cover a small face, lovely feeling. Van and have a lot of students. Yang mi often wears dark glasses on the multivariant higher-ups show. The image of the non-mainstream or students are very tasty. Zhao Weidai black-rimmed glasses also have a variety of feeling. Leisure that occupy the home feels dye-in-the-wood or capable intellectually, are very personal. Ok ~ analysis of small make up take you here, today more stars in the black box look, also please continue to focus on small make up a follow-up report oh ~ see you next time!
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