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different fishing hooks & their uses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-16
Hook is one of the most important fishing tackle for anglers.
Once the angler presents the bait or live bait to the fish, the fish decides to attack it and the hook will actually capture and hold the fish.
Various hooks provide various functions for fishermen.
These hooks have different shapes and sizes and you can choose them depending on the type of fish you are pursuing and the type of bait you are using.
With a slender handle, the Aberdeen fish hook is a popular choice for small game species fishing such as crappie and bluegill.
The long handle makes it easier to remove the hook from these fish as they tend to swallow the whole bait.
The fine diameter of the hook allows you to slide them over live bait like shiners and minnows with minimal damage to baitfish, which in turn makes it live longer. (
Fish hooked in Aberdeen)
The bait rack hook takes its name from a sharp but small inverted hook on the hook handle.
These sheds help to secure live bait such as night-time reptiles and le leeches in place, which are easy to slide down and then slide down from the normal hook.
The Bass Pro Shops website points out that the longer type of bait rack hook is a good hook for young children who learn to fish because it makes their bait lost by biting the fish
Round hook and release anglers tend to use round hook, hook with inverted hook, exaggerated bending and shortened handle.
The idea behind this hook is that when the fish swallow the rendering, the bend of the hook forces the hook to the inside of the throat until it hooks into the mouth.
This prevents the fish from swallowing the hook because it causes fewer deaths.
Learning how to fish, the site says, is a frequently used hook catfish and Masco anglers.
Offset Worm Hook with 90-
The degree of the current side of the hook is bent, and then the place where the other handle starts.
The function of this bending is to allow you to place plastic bait like a worm on a hook in such a way that the bait does not slide down.
The Offset Worm Hook is a hook angler used to make a Texas rig, plastic bait is placed on the hook, and the angler rotates the hook point to face the bait before burying the sharp point in the plastic body.
This allows this demo to glide through the heavy cover without obstacles.
The treble hook has three bends and three points, but only one eye, essentially creating three hooks in one bend.
Treble hooks are usually hung on artificial bait such as spoons, turns, and plugs through open rings.
The treble hook increases the chance to hook a fish that chase one of the bait, and you usually retrieve the bait in a quick way. (
Below: Fishing bait for treble hook)
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