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Different polarizer and sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-23
Nearly polarizer in people in the world of frequency is higher and higher, but what is the polarizer? Polarizer and the sunglasses? Let small make up detailed analysis for you. Sunglasses factory YC9705 general sunglasses C7 white/dazzle colour purple polarizer is a special kind of sunglasses, has the general sunglasses have no effect, can effectively block and filter out all sorts of polarized light that is harmful to the eyes. 1. Effect of different dyeing ordinary sunglasses are taken lenses on the color stain will all light is greeted by a weak but all glare, refracted light and scattered light entering the eye, can't really achieve the purpose of protecting our eyes. Polarized lenses will glare, scattered light and refracted light filter, absorbs the reflection of the object itself, only real present can see objects, allows the rider to improve vision, reduce fatigue, increase the color saturation, field of vision is more clear, beautiful, eye. Ms sunglasses factory YC9709 sunglasses C4 hawksbill / 2 lens ashes. Principle of different dyeing ordinary lens can change the original color object, the lens is what color, the object is what color on the quilt. Especially put on it to drive, to produce a great color identification of traffic lights, for the green light will be able to identify. Polarizer can see objects will not change color. In a fast moving vehicle, after entering the tunnel, wear ordinary sunglasses in the sight of a piece of immediate dim light, serious can't see road in front of him, while the polarizer there would be no effect. 3. To varying degrees of blocking ultraviolet polarizer for uv blocking rate reached 99%, and the blocking rate of common dyeing lens is quite low.
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