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Different shades, the beauty of the same

by:Eugenia     2020-07-25
We often see a lot of street snap talent like to wear a pair of sunglasses, though they wear sunglasses each are not identical, but each pair of exaggeration or contracted modelling, can be just the right to add a beautiful for them. These different modelling sunglasses also has its own name, actually sunglasses factory today to introduce for everybody! Recommended reading: 2018 popular four sunglasses are all here, 1 star darling: Wellington sunglasses have high popularity of Wellington in star sunglasses, agile line built the impression of handsome and easy, in the 1950 s pop. Whose character is: near the square frame, picture frame under the contract, like a trapezoid, in turn, frame left corner to highlight a small part of sunglasses frame above the bridge of the nose and at the same level or. Big box of Wellington sunglasses is also covered face artifact, and the requirement to the face is not very high, wearing it, not only can decorate the face, and showily feeling, let you become a second street snap hipster! Can go casual sport wind, also can match with shirt, trousers. Maybe, you and fashionistas only a pair of sunglasses! 2, cool locomotive rocks: aviator sunglasses so-called aviator sunglasses, is the big frame glasses lens like tears. Character is: the lens like two tears, this kind of glasses frame material is metal, more lens colour changeable, very cool. Aviator sunglasses is the classic stereotype, since Tom brought ray-ban fire, whether young or middle age, is almost a pair of hands, girls wear, especially handsome fashion. Locomotive is the tears of the rocks is very type of sunglasses, can be sexy street style, also can go light wind. Large mirror may make you more outstanding, now for the color of the lens is also each have profusion, might as well try a variety of color more young aviator sunglasses. 3, literature and art aron: restoring ancient ways round sunglasses similar to a round of sunglasses, very artistic breath. Lovely nifty distinctive modelling is very popular among girls. Metal frame with laser color lenses round sunglasses restoring ancient ways is very personality. Even a casual dress, with a circular fashion sunglasses also immediately had star rocks! If you want to change to the young women, also can give it a try! In addition to create fashionable feeling, round frame sunglasses is a joker, because it can neutralize your facial contours, make you look more friendly and kind. 4, fashionable Monroe: the cat's eye sunglasses type cat's eye sunglasses, because of Marilyn Monroe often wear, so also called Monroe sunglasses. This kind of sunglasses on the picture frame on both sides of the pick, much like the cat's eyes. The cat's eye sunglasses can be said to be the overwhelming trend, its modelling individuality exaggerated restore ancient ways, slightly tilted at both ends with a strong sense of fashion. Constantly updating sunglasses color more and more bold, modelling is more and more diverse, different collocation color lenses, the framework of the sun is shining, it can keep out ultraviolet ray, and for the whole outfit add charming amorous feelings, will quickly glasses sunglasses factory pick!
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