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Different style of South Korea's sunglasses ported at the airport

by:Eugenia     2020-08-07
If only see the south Korean star's clothing clothing, are more or less will feel some strange feeling, feel incredible. But after their elaborate collocation, has never been short of desirable fashion sense. Whether private servers or activities, the south Korean star clothing is always so dazzling. So here, it take you to enjoy a colorful and different style of South Korea's sunglasses ported at the airport. 1, Xuan jas and cat's eye sunglasses show at the airport. Xuan dressed in pajamas, wind condole belt unlined upper garment to appear at the airport, looks so fresh and lively. But you think about it, are not her cat's eye sunglasses setoff as hair is tie-in, I'm afraid I have no fashion sense in an instant. 2 black sunglasses, han hyo joo and exaggeration of the airport show. Look at the body of the clothes she wears, the color of camel's hair cloak, shallow blue denim flares are special contracted, let a person look very natural. But we didn't watch carefully, at first glance is attracted by her dramatic black sunglasses, ignored her pajamas, then there is a feeling of strong personality, fashion. So, han hyo joo outfit's greatest success point is this seems exaggerated, but integral collocation is very fashion coordination of black sunglasses. Recommended reading: Gentle Monster: recommended tide Korea sun glasses brand 3, allow son with circular frame sunglasses show at the airport. As a teenager, one of the most famous members of the kind of dress and high yan is played, from which she were invited as wu zhao zilong's wife, god can. Circular frame sunglasses although very fashionable, but it is hard to match a tide the temperament of the atmosphere, and allow son all this show at the airport, perfect, from the big wave curly hair and a dark gray sweater, let the charm of the round box sunglasses play a very thorough. Watching these south Korean sunglasses wind show at the airport, are you jing? Took to the road of the male god goddess, a pair of fashionable sunglasses is essential. Whether personality sunglasses, contracted and sunglasses, as long as you for collocation, the temperament of high-end atmosphere did not come.
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