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Dior fashionable whole world 5 fashionable sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-30
Although now hot summer has a lot of lower, but the ultraviolet ray is still rampant, sunglass is out of the street to be cool, liao han the younger sister of the best weapons. Premise is, of course, choose the right style and brand, in the face of many sunglasses brands, we often don't know how to choose, today small make up recommend to everyone a popular global fashion Dior sunglasses brand! Dior sunglasses can always give people surprise, each has a deep meaning and unique features, today we take a look at Dior all over the world a few fashion sunglasses! 1, Dior Dior So Real have to say So Real from the birth of a much-loved, before it came out the big show, it accounts for the spring show street snap half ~ Rihanna as the first black spokesman for Dior, package under the Versailles filming the group secret garden series, there are So Real power. Rihanna is really love this one, at the time of attend activities also love to use it to concave shape, all of a sudden became everyone talking about the topic. Disintegration of Dior So Real use Pantos modelling, set the building lines and high fashion the perfect fusion of spirit line combines cutting-edge futuristic restoring ancient ways, the framework of display of women is elegant and fashionable glamour. Dior So Real fashionable young yes, but only suitable for face of skeleton is small, big face wear may be a disaster! Recommended reading: aviator sunglasses blew a nostalgic wind Split pilot 2, Dior sunglasses is manpower necessary sheet is tasted, but the pilot the Dior sunglasses really playing with it, of a color chip design that don't don't of classic Chic at a draught, and color many oh. Super lens design is absolutely the good assistant of the thin face, this is a big face babies welfare money! Fan bingbing will love this kind of color matching design very grab an eye, even if is the Asian face quite stereo, also immediately rise after wearing aura. Metal rods and the color of stitching, highlights the women's gentle temperament, also worry about not enough attention? ~ 3, Dior AbstractDior type the Abstract of big box with concise line on the structure of perfect collocation, amber texture frames is frowsty coquettish to no, do you think it boring? 不! Mirror surface is enough to let you in the crowd quickly attracted all the attention. Color choice still have plenty of room, and feel very amazing oh. Dior Abstract advertising was shot according to restore ancient ways and have a future feeling, as if every minute can through time and space. 4, Dior sunglasses Metallic about personality styles, Metallic, absolutely no Dior on modelling, the feeling of whole lens has divided, different from the Split, is a direct is divided into two parts. Lens upper part is bright luster membrane, draw the outline of the edge of the metal line has been extended, and geometric modelling hollow out mirror feet together, thick, futuristic style is the subversion of traditional sunglasses styles. Under the neon lights of the reflecting pool fire, mirror reflecting the city's upper psychedelic images, and presented the great charm of the color. Recommended reading: Dior sunglasses of true and false recognition and exquisite metal line combined with glass lenses, elegant at the same time more interesting, the extension of temples between the lines but also highlights the female's aura, cool to have feminine taste. 5, Dior SideralDior Sideral1 design is to restore ancient ways, become warped on the cat's eye contour and the bottom edge of the gold is absolutely brilliant, there is a feeling of half frame sunglasses already apparent. Rihanna not the kui is a spokesperson for Dior, a few of the most popular sunglasses he almost all have, it's not that she was wearing a Dior Sideral 1 at Paris fashion week, the body is tie-in girl heart empty. Dior Sideral2 is all metal frame sunglasses, line is clear and pure, and hollow out design is concise in the framework of contains a complex process of aesthetics. Above is the most popular Dior 5 fashionable sunglasses, if you still want to know more information of Dior sunglasses, you can view to glasses sunglasses factory net, provide professional glasses sunglasses glasses factory network timing information and glasses information, attention please!
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