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Discoloration of myopia sunglasses is good

by:Eugenia     2020-07-21
Color of sunglasses? Discoloration is currently recognized by people myopia sunglasses, a pair of glasses. Because it has a color change effect not only, still can be a very good protect your eyes from uv rays. Therefore, also known as photosensitive color glasses. So, color sunglasses please, compared with the ordinary myopia glasses, and what are the advantages? About this, look at the below small make up. Ray-ban RB4221 - F men sunglasses 6170/55 blue color myopia glasses belong to a kind of sunglasses, USES a color lenses, so meet the sunshine will change the color of the lens, general mainly in gray, tan, blue as the main color, also suitable for color. But, at present in the market, only gray, and tan color piece two kinds, the grey is more, because the grey belong to neuter color, through the lens can see the color of the object is relatively dim, also does not affect the original color. Important or have the effect of shading, so, suit to use per capita of indoor and outdoor. Ray-ban sunglasses RB8056 men 175/6 q tortoise shell color myopia glasses: the advantages of color piece is major in UV, UV discoloration occurs when, with the more UV, the deeper the color also will, of course, without UV, that will not change color. So, color myopia glasses to a certain extent, can absorb ultraviolet sunlight, not let the uv damage the health of the eyes. Discoloration myopia glasses, is in fact the sunglasses and reading glasses two functions together, to solve the myopic patients want to wear sunglasses. At the same time also have block the sunlight and the function of vision correction, so generally get of broad consumer love and favor. Although discoloration myopia glasses have two functions at the same time, but it is encountered when sunlight color change quickly, usually within 30 can completely change color, if leave the line of sight of the sun, 1 minutes can also returned to myopia rigorous normal, so no other impact to wear. Although discoloration is a combination of ordinary myopia glasses myopia glasses and sunglasses two functions, but its light transmittance and oxygen transmission rate, especially when worn indoors, will increase the fatigue of eyes, leading to decreased vision. And discoloration myopia glasses because it contains two functions, the price is more expensive.
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