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Do 15 fan bingbing Tibet doing charity, prevent bask in kung fu

by:Eugenia     2020-09-03
On May 31, fan bingbing, a line arrived in Lhasa, a movement, a pair of cool sunglasses very grab an eye, come to the airport to meet hada send good wishes for a friend. And earlier, tencent journalists also took 15 appear at the Shanghai airport. Two people together in Tibet, do charity together, this is two people declared relationship after the first public collective appearance. On May 31 afternoon, 15, fan bingbing, both feet arrived in Tibet, finally they box (in a hotel Taking photos together) . It is reported that two sweet, also walked with an umbrella, but the woman all the way down the face grinned. Some netizens exposure in Lhasa see fan bingbing. To come to the airport to meet friends hada send good wishes to the ice ice. On May 31, Lhasa, fan bingbing, 15 in local Tibet Lhasa barkhor. 31 arrived in Lhasa after two people, put on black sports lovers to take to the streets, in the afternoon fan bingbing wearing a hat sunglasses also himself walked with an umbrella, sun do kung fu. It is reported, fan bingbing is Beijing fly to Lhasa, 15 is the Shanghai fly in Lhasa, two people at the same time appear in Lhasa is most likely to fan bingbing in 'love in the heart' causes, and the trip is two people fit for the first time after release relationship. Yesterday, two people in Tibet, confirms previous rumours. After reports that fan bingbing, Li Chenzeng please related personnel to deal with border card in Tibet. The reporter friend happens to be dealt with in the Tibetan border card, a queue to see someone out in front of the fan bingbing, 15 id get the certificate for two border. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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