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Do blue light blocking glasses really work? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-28
Anti-blue glasses are still very useful if they can prevent more than 97% of blue light. The computers, mobile phones, fluorescent lights, etc. we usually use all have a certain amount of blue light. If the eyes are exposed to blue light for a long time, the vision loss is normal. Some people will consider wearing anti-blue glasses to protect their eyes. Are anti-blue glasses useful? Let's take a look at them together. 1. Anti-blue light is very helpful for protecting eyesight. It has long been proven that blue light is harmful to the eyes. When blue light shines on the eyes, it will stimulate the retina and produce a large amount of free radicals, which will seriously damage the health of eyesight. . In particular, blue light with a shorter wavelength has greater energy, stronger penetrating power, and greater damage to the eyes. Therefore, anti-blue light is very helpful for protecting eyesight. Second, choose high-quality anti-blue glasses. High-quality anti-blue glasses can prevent more than 97% of blue light, but if the blocking rate of anti-blue glasses is less than 97%, the protection of the eyes is not obvious. When choosing anti-blue glasses, choose anti-blue glasses with authoritative detection marks. The lenses are usually light yellow. Many anti-blue light glasses on the market are uneven. When buying, go to a formal place to buy. High-quality anti-blue eyes can block ultraviolet and blue light well, and are very protective for human eyes. There are many anti-blue film layers on the market, such as amethyst film, gold film, blue film, green film, yellow-green film, etc. Generally speaking, these films are not particularly effective in preventing blue light. However, the importance of the film layer should not be ignored. The high-strength, chemical-resistant inner film can block the glare from the oblique rear of the inner film, avoiding it from entering the eyes, and also has a protective effect.
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