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Do clear contact lenses have front and back sides? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-18
Many people wear contact lenses, but compared with color lenses, the oxygen permeability of transparent contact lenses is actually higher, and the comfort is also good, so many people are willing to choose transparent lenses. Especially for most myopic friends, we just want to correct our vision, so transparent contact lenses are also a good choice. No matter what kind of contact lenses have positive and negative sides, today we will introduce how to distinguish the positive and negative sides. Look at the shape of the contact lens Contact lens itself has a certain arc, so we can directly clean the contact lens, and then simply look at its shape. Although the shape of the bowl is the same, there will be a certain difference in the position of the edge. The edges of the contact lenses on the front are all buttoned inwards, more like the bowls we use every day, and if the shape of the contact lenses themselves are turned from the edges to the outside, it is turned over, so we must pay special attention. The shape of the glasses will do. Looking at the logo, there are actually many contact lenses with some invisible logos, so we must pay special attention to the logo. For example, brands such as Bausch u0026 Lomb can see the logo, and Bausch u0026 Lomb all have the logo. BL's logo, so it will be easier to determine the front and back. As long as we can determine the positive and negative sides, there will be no discomfort even when wearing contact lenses, so that we can be guaranteed. Look at the effect of wearing Although it is a transparent lens, if it is worn on the reverse side, it will definitely be very uncomfortable, such as feeling a foreign body, and there will be a certain slippery situation. It is recommended that before wearing contact lenses every day, you must determine the front and back of the foundation, so as to ensure the comfort of wearing. If you feel that the wear is reversed, just adjust the front and back of it directly.
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