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Do contact lenses have astigmatism? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-14
Many people have been afraid of a problem before, and that is whether they can't wear contact lenses after their eyes have astigmatism. In fact, astigmatism and nearsightedness and hyperopia are the same, there is not much difference between them. There is only one difference between them as a whole, that is, people with astigmatism just cannot condense the light seen in their eyes. So many people are asking whether contact lenses have astigmatism? In fact, many ordinary products can use the principle of filling to correct astigmatism; but these products can only be corrected to a certain extent. If the degree of astigmatism exceeds 100, it will not. It worked. When talking about this, many people start to be scared again, because many people generally have astigmatism above 100. Therefore, I am worried that because the degree of astigmatism is too high, it is impossible to wear contact lenses. In fact, this is not the case. Even if your astigmatism exceeds 100 or higher, you can wear astigmatism contact lenses, but you need to go to an optical shop to have a professional optician customize it. Because the degree of astigmatism is generally different, most people are around 100 degrees, and only a small number of people are above 100 degrees or higher. Although contact lenses have astigmatism, they are usually added to the degree of myopia through conversion. Unlike ordinary myopia glasses, they have their own degree directly. 1. If your astigmatism is below 100, then your myopia must be 3 times the astigmatism, so that you can convert the astigmatism into the myopia; 2. If your astigmatism is above 100 , Then your myopia must be 4 times the astigmatism, and you can convert the astigmatism to the middle area of u200bu200bthe myopia. Because of this, astigmatism contact lens products are specially made for people with astigmatism. Because the eyesight of each of us is inherently different, the results after conversion are also different. Therefore, in the conversion process, the deviation of the astigmatism is not allowed, otherwise the astigmatism contact lens produced will not be accurate, and the astigmatism will not be perfectly corrected. Only in this way can it bring more convenience to everyone with astigmatism, as well as clearer and more comfortable vision. So: do contact lenses have astigmatism? There is no astigmatism in contact lenses, which are usually added to the myopia degree through conversion. But customized astigmatism contact lenses can help people with astigmatism. Allow them to wear more comfortably and get a better correction effect. Even when the eyeball is turning or blinking, contact lenses with astigmatism can be kept stationary. This brings clear vision and makes the wearer's eyes healthier. Finally, because custom-made contact lenses for astigmatism need to know their own astigmatism and myopia, so if you can’t calculate the degree of astigmatism, you must go to a regular optical shop to find professional help: for example. It's best not to calculate indiscriminately by yourself, so as not to bring bad results.
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