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Do dragao sunglasses LOOK

by:Eugenia     2020-07-25
The estadio do dragao to speak of the domestic, I believe that everyone in the mind all have their own choice, li yi feng, wu Yang Yang, a queer, and so on. The dragao can speak can sing will act, should be the strength, appearance is also known as high level at the same time, especially the appearance of the sunglasses, the fans don't don't of. Li yi feng and wu queer Gentle Monster sunglasses LOOK said Han Guojian, longed for Gentle Monster sunglasses brands, we may not be very familiar with, because many people don't know yet Gentle Monster's official Chinese name call Jane longed for, but when it comes to its nickname 'V' everyone must not unfamiliar. Is 'you from the stars' in 'ode to thousands,' one of the high a sunglasses. Fashion exquisite style, unique design, so that many male god and goddess to it. Yang Yang, Yang Yang, a white and black sunglasses LOOK dressed in a white coat and black trousers, wearing a pair of black sunglasses dressed up at the airport, although last year's news, but the impact strength is still unabated. Yang Yang original appearance level is high, even the ordinary clothes, also can send out a charm, summer is dressed up appear relaxed and along with the gender, wearing a pair of black sunglasses and look cool feels dye-in-the-wood. Is a set of sunglasses LOOK, Yang Yang airport on March 29, 'Yang went to South Korea after the advertising directly to the airport. After a large number of fans at the airport waiting for you, Yang Yang were and fans to wave goodbye. Took off her dark glasses look in the mirror after authenticate with sunglasses very boast. High level sunglasses recommend appearance: sunglasses factory YC9705 general light black/lenses grey ray-ban sunglasses C1 RB2140 - F men and women general sunglasses 901 black box blackish green
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