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Do eye ministry is prevented bask in don't let ultraviolet burn your eyes

by:Eugenia     2020-07-15
It is well known that the uv damage to the skin is great, but you know more ultraviolet radiation damage to the eyes? Long time contact with ultraviolet ray, can lead to cataracts, macular degeneration, palpebral cancer even. Small make up remind, regardless of the seasonal change, go out must not ignore the eye prevent bask in. How to make the eyes prevent bask in? Eye cream? 不! ! Wearing a pair of sunglasses with uv protection functions is king. Regular uv protection sunglasses, as you know, the uv transmittance of less than 5%, which can effectively avoid harmful ultraviolet lamp light into our eyes too much, so as to reduce the eyes ciliary muscle conditioning burden under strong light, avoid the ultraviolet radiation to the eye damage. In our idea, many people think it summer can wear sunglasses decorations, in fact, uv there all year round, so wearing the sun glasses should not classify the season. In addition, we also should remember one thing, that is the sun glasses is a life, not life to wear. With the passage of time, sunglass lenses will gradually aging, deformation of frame also can appear, become loose, so usually 1 - 2 years can be replaced. UV protection function of sun glasses must choose normal businessman, at the same time should pay attention to see if the lens has the following labeling: 'UV400', said the lens of UV isolation wavelength of 400 nm, '100% UV absorption' : said the lens is 100% for UV absorption function, that is to say, in the ultraviolet range of average transmission ratio is not greater than zero. 5%. Choose sunglasses in addition to pay attention to whether the off-label with uv protection, but also pay attention to the quality of the sunglasses, choose the reliable reputation of formal optical shop to buy. You know, the current sunglasses market turmoil, some undesirable businessman will be coarsely inferior sunglasses at a low price to sell, although the lenses with uv protection, but simply does not have the function of uv, diopter also exceeds bid badly, wearing the sunglasses will cause irreparable harm to the eyes.
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