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Do glasses have a shelf life? How often does it need to be replaced? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-22
Many myopic friends may use a pair of glasses for several years, or even more than ten years. It is true that many people's myopia will not increase. If they are well protected, they may be able to wear glasses for a few years. But it is still recommended that everyone should pay more attention to the basic situation. If the glasses have been scratched or deformed, they will definitely need to be replaced. So what is the warranty period of the glasses? How often does it need to be replaced? 1. Pay attention to the situation of lenses and frames. Now the high-end lenses and frames are actually quite good, as long as they are not damaged or scratched, they can be used continuously. However, it is still recommended that everyone should do an optometry once a year, because only you can determine the specific conditions of your eyes, so you should definitely determine whether your vision has changed to a certain degree, whether your glasses need to be replaced, and so on. If the lens has been scratched or the frame is deformed, then you should not continue to wear it. Second, pay attention to wearing comfort. Sometimes you may have found that your eyesight is not good, or you may have eye discomfort after facing the computer and mobile phone for an hour, or you may feel some soreness, then basically All glasses are no longer suitable. Therefore, we should recommend our own wearing comfort. It has been found that it is not suitable. Even if our glasses have only been worn for two or three months, then we should definitely do optometry and adjustment. Third, the average replacement frequency recommends that everyone should check their vision once a year, at least once every two years should change glasses. Especially for many highly myopic friends, your lenses may experience aging and other phenomena, which will actually have a worse effect on your eyes. Therefore, it should be tested every one or two years, so that it is easier to determine the condition of your glasses and vision. You can also change the glasses once every two years, but the price is not very high.
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