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Do I have to dilate my pupils with glasses? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-02
Optometry in spectacles plays a decisive role in the success of spectacles. If the optometry is not accurate, it is difficult to get suitable glasses. Especially for teenagers with strong adjustment ability, in the glasses, if necessary, they will have mydriasis optometry. Many parents have a mentality of not understanding about mydriatic optometry. Is it necessary to wear glasses? What? Let's take a look at whether glasses must be dilated. 1. Generally, for 16-30-year-old myopia and 16-40-year-old hyperopia, pupil dilation is required for the first optometry. Generally, for 16-30-year-old myopia and 16-40-year-old hyperopia, pupil dilation is required for the first optometry. , as well as children under the age of 15, children and adolescents with strong adjustment ability need to undergo dilated optometry in glasses. Dilated optometry can more accurately understand whether there is the possibility of pseudo-myopia, so it is necessary for young children. More complex refractive errors, such as high myopic astigmatism, mixed astigmatism, high myopia, high astigmatism, and juvenile visual instability can all undergo mydriatic refraction. Some people have normal fundus and normal refraction quality, but if their visual acuity is relatively poor, they also need to undergo dilated optometry to rule out whether it is a refractive error. , must be dilated optometry. Second, there are fast and slow mydriatic mydriasis. Mydriatic mydriasis has fast and slow dilation. Among the mydriatic drugs used, anticholinergic drugs are more common. Mydriatic optometry can more accurately detect abnormal conditions such as myopia or hyperopia. Therefore, mydriatic optometry is very important in optometry. According to the data obtained from mydriatic optometry, it can be given as a reference in glasses, so that the prescribed Glasses are more accurate. In dilated optometry, not all people are suitable for dilated optometry. These people mainly include (1) primary angle-closure glaucoma or suspects, or those who have a shallow anterior chamber and high intraocular pressure after examination, are not suitable for mydriatic optometry. Because once the pupil is dilated, it will cause the attack of angle-closure glaucoma, the intraocular pressure will increase, and the consequences will be more serious. People over 40 years old have weak adjustment ability and have little impact on optometry, so they can do without dilation. In addition, if there is cataract or severe vitreous opacity, dilation is not necessary. Dilated pupils cannot be performed for severely congested pupils.
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