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Do I need optometry for reading glasses? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-02
At a certain age, we may all need to wear reading glasses, because the lens begins to decline, so blurred vision is also normal. While many people buy reading glasses on the Internet, they only pay attention to the quality and the degree of matching with their modern reading glasses, but they do not consider optometry. Especially some elderly friends think that there is no need to go for optometry, and it is enough to see clearly. In fact, this is not the correct idea. First, optometry must be required to match reading glasses. In fact, no matter what kind of eyes it is, we all need to go to optometry. And now the price of online glasses is not very high, you only need to go to the hospital to go to the hospital for optometry, and then give the corresponding report to get glasses. In particular, glasses for the elderly must have medical optometry. Many elderly people may not only have presbyopia, but also have other problems, which can be determined through optometry. Do not buy some reading glasses on the market at will. Otherwise, it may have a great impact on the eyes. Second, the degree is not determined by feeling, although we must buy reading glasses to see clearly, and now there are many reading glasses on the market that can be directly seen. But we can't just rely on our own feelings to buy, many reading glasses need to take into account the degree of the situation, only after the optometry is confirmed, and then buy a suitable pair of glasses, the effect will be better. It is recommended not to buy reading glasses at an ultra-low price, but to guarantee the quality of the period. Third, professional brand reading glasses wear better. Indeed, most elderly people only look at their mobile phones. , Reading glasses will only be worn when reading, and everyone thinks that there is no need to buy particularly expensive products. But in fact, the reading glasses for ten dollars are very likely to be inaccurate, or even the quality of the lenses is average. Therefore, it is recommended that after optometry, you should choose a regular brand of reading glasses. In fact, the reading glasses of big brands are of excellent quality, but the price is not necessarily high, you only need to choose the appropriate purchasing channel.
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