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Do I need to soak in advance to wear daily disposable contact lenses?_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-27
Friends who like to wear contact lenses should know that they can soak them for a period of time before wearing contact lenses, so that the wearing effect is better, and it can also have a good sterilization effect. However, the quality of the current contact lenses is quite good, as long as they can be used normally without soaking. The contact lenses in the product have been strictly tested, so there will be no problems. Many people think that they wear daily disposable contact lenses and may need soaking, but how does it actually work? Should daily disposable contact lenses also be soaked? First, it can be worn directly. In fact, the use time of daily disposable contact lenses is only 24 hours, which means that its shelf life is 24 hours. If you do not use it within 24 hours after opening, it will expire. Therefore, under normal circumstances, daily disposable contact lenses do not need to be soaked, and they can be worn directly. Therefore, it is recommended that you wash your hands before unpacking, so that you can wear it to avoid pollution. Second, it can be easily cleaned Many people are wearing contact lenses for the first time, and they may really not know how to wear them. Contact lenses are relatively soft, and they need to be cleaned if they accidentally fall off and get contaminated with some pollutants. We can directly use the contact lens care solution, simply rinse it, and it can be used directly without soaking again. If you have soaked your contact lenses for a while and then wear them again, they may be about to expire. 3. The service life of daily disposable contact lenses is 24 hours, but it is generally recommended to wear them for 8 to 10 hours a day. After more than 10 hours, there will be a lot of bacteria on the contact lenses. Although many people think that there is no problem with wearing day-bubble contact lenses on the second day, it is actually not recommended for everyone to do so. There are many daily disposable contact lenses with very favorable prices, and you can also buy them in bulk, so that you can wear new contact lenses every day, in fact, the maintenance of your eyes is still good.
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