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Do I need to wear glasses for mild myopia? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-09
High myopia is definitely inseparable from glasses, but some friends are mild myopia, so many people wonder whether they should wear glasses often. After all, wearing glasses does have a lot of inconveniences, but after all, there are still vision problems with mild myopia, and sometimes they can’t see clearly. Today I will help you analyze whether you need to wear glasses in a mild and timely manner. One, within 100 degrees, false myopia has just begun to appear blurred vision. You should not wear glasses right away. It is recommended to check first to determine what your actual situation is. If it is false myopia within 100 degrees, there is no need to wear it, otherwise it will become true myopia. At this time, I suggest you exercise more, through some equipment exercises, and daily maintenance, in fact, you can restore your eyesight. Second, you need to wear glasses for distance viewing within 200 degrees. If the degree is less than 200 degrees, it is still necessary to wear glasses. After all, when you look at some objects from a distance, you will definitely not be able to see clearly. Especially children who go to school should still wear it. But if you just go shopping and eat, etc., it will not have much impact if you don't wear it. Third, it must be worn for a long time if the degree is above 200 degrees. In fact, if the degree is above 200 degrees, everyone should be very clear. If you don’t wear glasses, you will not be able to see clearly. Even if you can see clearly at close distances, you may also need to face the computer. Keep a very close distance. In this way, our ciliary muscles will need to be adjusted back and forth, bearing a greater load, and increased eye fatigue will also lead to an increase in myopia. Therefore, it is recommended that you should wear it for a long time, which can also protect your eyes. Many of my friends have already exceeded 500 degrees when they were in school. At this time, if you don’t wear glasses, they are basically blurry at a distance of one meter. It’s definitely not good if you don’t wear your eyes. Therefore, it is recommended that you should wear glasses according to your own power, and wear them appropriately, so as to avoid uncomfortable eyes.
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