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Do I need to wear glasses for pseudomyopia? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-26
Everyone should know that pseudomyopia is only a temporary condition. It does not mean that myopia is permanent, so basic maintenance and treatment should definitely be done so that vision can be restored. Such pseudomyopia usually occurs in adolescence, especially when the academic pressure is heavier, there will be similar problems. Therefore, parents are advised not to equip their children with glasses right away, as pseudo-myopia does not need to be directly equipped with glasses. First, it is critical to determine the true and false myopia, because most children may feel a certain amount of pressure when they are exposed to heavy school work. After a period of time, they may have blurred vision and can't see clearly. However, non-professionals cannot determine whether a good child is pseudo-myopia, and blindly wearing glasses is really going to become true myopia. Therefore, it is recommended to go to the hospital for testing to determine whether there is room for treatment. If it is pseudomyopia, it should be treated and maintained. 2. Pseudo-myopia can not wear glasses first. After all, pseudo-myopia itself has certain small problems. We need to cooperate with the hospital's treatment plan to change the child's pseudo-myopia. At this time, blindly wear glasses, and later on, I can only see more and more clearly. Therefore, it is necessary to cooperate with the hospital's treatment, and parents also need to pay proper attention to the child's eye hygiene. Because there are many false nearsightedness in adolescence, so don't neglect the basic processing work. Third, true myopia must wear glasses. Some parents have adopted to wear glasses for their children every year, because the children's degree increases very fast. At this time, everyone should pay attention to whether children often do not wear glasses, which causes such problems. Because when a person is nearsighted, especially when he is a student, he has to use his eyes every day. If you don't wear glasses at this time, you may need to squint to see the blackboard, which will cause the degree of myopia to develop faster and faster. Therefore, you must pay special attention to wearing glasses every day, which is also more conducive to eye care.
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