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Do you like the opposite sex with glasses? Reasons for the popularity of glasses men and glasses girls_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-27
In the past, glasses were a symbol of 'rustic'. Wearing glasses would leave a negative impression of 'nerd' and 'rigid'. However, in recent years, glasses have turned over and become a symbol of 'fashion'. In 2005, as soon as the photo book titled 'The Man with Glasses' was released, it became a hot topic among women. With the gradual growth of the 'glasses control' group, glasses have become a key element of trendy, popular and fashionable. The reasons for the popularity of glasses men and glasses girls range from thick black-rimmed glasses to intellectual glasses for white-collar workers, office workers, and business people. Everyone is enjoying the fun of wearing glasses. More than 40,000 people participated in the discussion in the communication section of 'Girls who like glasses' and 'Men like glasses' of the large-scale SNS (social platform) mixi. Someone also said, 'I can't tell whether I like glasses or the person who wears glasses.' Yue Kangwen, the author of the female book 'Women is going to reverse!' wrote in the book: From a psychological point of view, the eyes are the part that expresses 'intimidation'. We catch the signal from the other person's eyes whether he wants to launch an 'attack'. Therefore, in the process of negotiation and communication, it is easy for the naked eye to reveal one's true intentions. Wearing glasses can ease the atmosphere to a certain extent, weaken the offensive, and reduce the 'murderous'. For women, glasses and makeup have a deep relationship. During the 1980s and 1990s, the focus of makeup was on the lips. At that time, it was popular to apply dark, thick lipstick. However, after the 90s, people's awareness of lip dressing became weak and they turned their attention to the eyes. Nowadays, 'eye charm' and 'electric eye makeup' are the more popular makeup looks. However, as mentioned earlier, overemphasizing eye makeup will give people the impression of 'stiff' and 'artificial'. Many men prefer cute girls who like to wear glasses. So women who realized this, began to study the 'eye makeup + glasses' makeup technique.
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