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嘿! Do you really understand the sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-30
Wear and not wearing, in fact, difference is very big! Fashion famously said that 'sunglasses is the only can give a person a star face' in a flash. Putting on a black and stylish. Sunglasses will cover some asymmetric places around the eyes, in addition, sunglasses provides a support of left and right sides, can make originally not so three-dimensional face chiseled. Recommended reading: what is the difference between polarizer and sunglasses? How to distinguish? Read the label in our country, sunglasses to enforce standards: GB 10810. 3 - 2006年,QB2457 - 1999. Normal manufacturer of production of each pair of glasses, in addition to the name, trademark, number, name, address, and indicate the execution of the standard number, category, color, frame size, quality grade, factory date and inspection tag. Uv value is cut off ultraviolet parameter values, uv protection is sunglasses, a necessary function, it has nothing to do with the lens color and light transmittance, usually by coating, usually use the following three kinds of express way. 1. Labeled 'UV400' : this means that the lens to block below the wavelength of 400 nm uv and visible light; As long as through the lens of the ultraviolet light is lower than 2%, even if 2 qualified. Labeled 'UV', 'anti ultraviolet' : this says the lens to block below 380 nm UV; As long as through the lens of the ultraviolet light is lower than 2%, even if qualified. 3. Labeled '100% UV absorption' : this means that the function of the lens is 100% for UV absorption; But through the lens of the ultraviolet light is lower than 0. 5%, even if qualified. Selected frame the material of frame is divided into plastic, metal and other natural materials, including plastic, metal material is relatively common, and natural materials, such as tortoise shell, horn material more upscale, supplement and comfortable, but the price is not cheap. Select lens according to the material, can be divided into plastic lenses and glass lenses: 1, plastic lenses advantages: light weight, is only half of the glass lenses; Non-friable, rich colors, no uv protection function is generally better than the glass lenses processing condition; Disadvantages: less surface wear resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. Including all common resin lens optical performance good, uv protection ability is good, price is a bit high. 2, glass lenses advantages: optical performance is relatively stable, good chemical resistance. And the hardness is higher, after the frame is not easy to produce deformation. Weakness: the quality of a material is brittle, are easily damaged heavier than plastic lenses, uv protection ability is weak, can be enhanced by processing. According to the different optical effect of the lens, can be divided into color lenses, polarized lenses and change color lens 3, polarized lens using optical directional vibration and transmission of the various factors caused by the dazzling glare filters, thus rays and improve the visual quality, the surrounding scenery looks clear and not dazzling. Lens is extremely light, thin, and impact resistance. Very suitable for driving and outdoor sports wear. 4, color lenses ( Photographic lenses) Because joined the 'silver halide' such chemicals, meets the glare, colorless lens becomes colored, protect your eyes. Light of the environment, but also from nonferrous slowly become colorless lens, to adapt to the environment. Indoor and outdoor is fit for use!
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