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Do you use soaks before using monthly disposable contact lenses for the first time? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-25
If you have worn contact lenses before, everyone should be clear that the life cycle of each contact lens is different, and the immersion before wearing is also different. It is more recommended that you can soak before using monthly disposable contact lenses, so that the wearing comfort will be better. Many people are more concerned about whether monthly contact lenses need to be soaked. They can be soaked as needed before the first use. Of course, they can be worn without soaking. One, you can wear it directly. We should know that contact lenses that are not opened are actually immersed in a certain liquid. In fact, this liquid is normal saline, which is harmless to the human body and can guarantee the shelf life of the contact lens. So if you are really anxious, you will wear contact lenses immediately, and there is no problem in opening them directly. Second, it can be soaked for three hours. Some friends may have a certain rejection of normal saline. Especially when you wear contact lenses for the first time, it is recommended that you soak for about three hours before wearing them, so that you can Avoid unsuitable situations. But be sure to use a dedicated contact lens care solution, so as to ensure better wearing comfort. 3. How long do you need to soak? Although we can soak contact lenses, the brand-new contact lens itself does not have any protein deposits and bacteria. The soaking time does not need to be particularly long, 4 to 8 hours are enough. If it is a monthly disposable contact lens, usually 3~4 hours soaking is enough, and if it is a yearly disposable contact lens, the first soaking and subsequent soaking time should be longer, in order to completely clear the protein. It is recommended that everyone should prepare a special contact lens care solution, so daily care of contact lenses will be easier. Monthly contact lenses are the ones that everyone likes to use everyday, and the price/performance ratio is indeed higher. We must pay special attention to the basic care, so as to avoid uncomfortable wearing.
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