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Does wearing glasses really make your eyesight worse? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-09
A well-known questionnaire survey organization recently conducted a questionnaire survey on people who have never worn glasses or contact lenses. More than half of them believed that 'wearing glasses will make eyesight worseIt can be seen that in the impression of people who have not worn glasses, the act of wearing glasses has many negative effects on our bodies. But is it really what they are worried about? Does wearing glasses really make vision worse? Among those surveyed, 50.4% thought that if wearing glasses, the muscles of the eyes would be tired, and the naked eye would feel tired. Vision will decline faster. That is to say, more than half of people who do not wear glasses or contact lenses believe that wearing glasses will make their vision worse. The ophthalmologist said to the results of the survey, 'It is better to wear appropriate glasses than to barely see things with the naked eye, which can not only assist vision, help correct vision, but also prevent the continued decline of vision, which can make people feel better. Healthier body.' Experts explain why: There are many people who don't understand the benefits of wearing glasses. People with poor vision, such as myopia or stray vision, will not be able to see things clearly if they do not wear glasses, which directly affects the smooth progress of study and work. For people with farsightedness or presbyopia, eye fatigue can extend to headaches until the whole body feels tired. Wearing glasses of the right degree will not deepen the degree of myopia or presbyopia. When children are young, if they do not wear the necessary glasses when they need to wear glasses, it may also cause amblyopia. It even leads to the occurrence of strabismus on the basis of hyperopia. Wearing the right glasses, let the glasses play a greater role, and live a happy and comfortable life, this is more important.
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