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Does wearing the front and back of contact lenses affect it? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-14
It seems that when people wear contact lenses daily, they rarely pay attention to the front and back, especially now that many contact lenses are made very thin, even if they are worn on the reverse side, it seems that it is not easy to have slippage or uncomfortable conditions. If our contact lenses are really reversed, what kind of effect will it have? Will it affect our eyesight? Impact 1: Sliding lens problem If your contact lens is really worn upside down, even if there is no discomfort at the beginning, there will also be a sliding lens problem, and this impact is also great. Therefore, if we wear them daily, we must distinguish the front and back of the contact lens. In fact, the contact lenses in the contact lenses are always distinguished between positive and negative contact lenses. In order to avoid the problem of sliding lenses, you should still determine the positive and negative. The second effect is the sensation of foreign body. If there is a sensation of foreign body when wearing contact lenses, it is usually because the front and back are worn. Because silicone hydrogel glasses are now ultra-thin styles, and it is not easy to distinguish the front and back, so we should definitely pay special attention to the basic front and back. As long as the contact lens looks like a bowl when it is placed flat, it can basically be judged as a front, and there will be no problem wearing it. Impact three, blurred vision It is recommended that everyone should pay more attention to the front and back of contact lenses. If there is really blurred vision, it may be that you wear the contact lenses backwards. Therefore, the daily wear is more clearly distinguished, anyway, the follow-up wear will not have any problems. So we should definitely pay more attention to the condition of our contact lenses, so that wearing comfort is also guaranteed. In fact, there are also videos that allow us to determine the front and back of contact lenses. We only need to learn a little bit to let us know how the front and back of contact lenses are clearly distinguished.
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