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Dolce &gabbana brand sunglasses series

by:Eugenia     2020-09-04
Dolce& Gabbana brand introduced a new Customize your eyes the sun glasses series, with large circular contour lines, the outline of the feeling of fashion and design combine with high-quality goods. D& G brand sunglasses new series of the most stunning design point is: with colorful removable card holder type ornamental design and Italian majolica color glazed pottery, skillfully combining brand heritage and Mediterranean culture, classic leopard grain design is added how much person sex appeal is a deep purple in color. To salute the Sicilian culture, has always been Dolce& The style of Gabbana brand essence. Recommended reading: how much DG sunglasses DG2198 this round sunglasses with golden fine gradient lens, expressing the beauty of individuality and gracefully and changeable temperament. The same glasses can be decorated by detachable type frame combination and transformation of card holder, presents three different modelling, innovative design concept is remarkable. Can switch freely in the following match: leopard/wine red, stripes and rose/black, Sicily majolica glaze/brown hava. The D& G brand sunglasses provide three glasses box pattern fabrics, correspond with the card holder design.
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