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Don't assume that sunglasses really can take the place of cycling glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-23
Cycling glasses and ordinary sunglasses, never use sunglasses in the ride. Cycling glasses a clear protective role more than sunglasses and don't look down upon this feature, it can greatly reduce your risk of conjunctivitis. So generally good cycling glasses, when riding too fast, her eyes do not feel the wind. And glass lens materials shall be used for cycling glasses, because when you fall down it will greatly strengthen you the possibility of injury, while using resin can protect your glasses from scratch. Many are willing to in high-end bicycle riding hand or top helmet deal or no deal, but many people ignore the cycling sunglasses is an essential to the sport accessories. Most cycling veteran will tell you that both amateur and professional, cycling glasses are definitely worth the investment. When you are riding at a speed of 150 km through Asia's most spectacular scenery, the last thing you want to do a thing to do is to miss the beautiful scenery, Or worse, because of the glare bicycle out of control. 。 。 ) 。 The cycling mirror what role? Most of the rider will be riding on the highway, and days in the sun, highway to sunlight reflected better than mud and grass. Because riding position is different, than a general bicycle rider people have more time to look at the road, thus accept more ultraviolet reflection? Is eyes for a long time to absorb ultraviolet light can cause cataracts! ! ! ! Cycling friends mostly have eyes blown to tears and eyes into the experience of foreign body? If you are in the snowy winter riding everywhere, or in Tibet of ice and snow all year round, and the sun direct illuminate after snow reflected in his eyes, it is easy to suffer from 'snow blindness', cycling glasses can greatly protect your eyes from the damage. Recommended reading: cycling glasses lens commonly used color rider, a good pair of sunglasses will ensure you get the greatest visual enjoyment. If the adrenaline high mountain biking, is to make when you sweat, you will find common sunglasses and cycling glasses have obvious differences. Your body gives off heat will make a pair of ordinary sunglasses atomization and your sweat can make ordinary sunglasses fell even fell. But rubber non-slip cycling glasses bazoo holds will ensure that your glasses firm stop on the face, even more intense activity, also won't decline. Recently, more and more high-end cycling glasses in the lens and the frames with vents, use rise more cool and comfortable, and do not spray! In addition to protect your glasses from uv damage and other flying objects, cycling glasses are produced by polarized lens is clever, and can prevent mist, waterproof, anti glare, prevent scratch, grinding and impact resistant. Typically, cycling glasses with aerodynamic arc, can fully fit your face, to increase your peripheral vision and provide all-round protection for your eyes. This ultra lightweight durable framework is also use specially designed for combined with wearing a helmet. Choose a suitable cycling glasses, need to consider many factors. One of the most main factor is the color of the lens. Cycling glasses 5 of the most commonly used color: should be dark blue and yellow transparent plating luo reflection. Black commonly bright sunlight at noon. Blue or not high visibility in the fog weather. Yellow in the evening by increasing affection as contrast to improve clarity. Transparency is very important it is not a light to play handsome, mainly when viewed, the rain mirror. Plating luo of the lens in the snow or only with downy light strong ultraviolet region, want to go to friends must have a pair of plateau. For cycling enthusiasts, can let you ride with a replaceable lens glasses according to different light and weather conditions to replace the lens color, increase the ease of use at the same time provide a different visual feeling.
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