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Don't deserve a pair of sunglasses, '11' how to go out to see the world!

by:Eugenia     2020-08-31
Looking at is fresh beautiful scenery outside, how can go out to the heart of the sea bay there? The sun, the waves of the sea, beach, Strange city streets; Romantic charming autumn scenery; All these, how can not make us yearning, although the weather turns cool, but the power of the sun still can not be ignored? What's wrong with myopia? Can't myopia wear sunglasses? You don't know in the world have a short-sighted x tool called myopia sunglasses? Sorching summer has passed, the high temperature weather is gone, it is autumn season. 'Don't wear sunglasses don't go out' is still the standard, the collocation of different modelling, fashionable feeling. Put on a pair of sunglasses, have a nice National Day holiday. You see the world, the world see you, National Day travel nature cannot little sunglasses that we how to choose a pair of good sunglasses? Buy sunglasses, accountable to eye first, and then the face. Recommended reading: how tough choice: sunglasses block uv rays no matter how much you love fashion, wear sunglasses are bad are always in order to protect the eyes, so choose the lens is actually more important than style. Experts said, if can't wore the inferior sunglasses block uv, into the eyes of ultraviolet rays more than don't wear sunglasses, are more likely to cause eye damage. By the figure can be seen, the sun through the atmosphere, a wavelength at 290 nm ultraviolet ray is absorbed by the ozone layer. Therefore affect the body's main are part of UVA and UVB rays. UVA produce damage in the eye and have accumulated effect, once the accumulated to more than a certain size, will cause damage to the eye. So, good sunglasses must be able to filter ultraviolet (uv) light. In general, when choosing sunglasses, just make sure is UV400 standard, can block below 400 nm uv light. Qualified the sun glasses should be with 'UV 400' logo. Light transmittance is also very important in different activities, wearing sunglasses by light transmittance requirements are also different. In order not to interfere with the normal life, the lens can't be completely black, light transmittance in general there should be at least 10% 30%, convenient for the user in daily activities, such as into indoor or observe the road when driving. Recommended reading: what is the lens of the light transmittance is suitable for a 'dark green', 'ink ash' two kinds of color, these two kinds of color is one of the biggest classic color of demand, if you want to choose and buy sunglasses, Internet cafes to glasses sunglasses factory, all colors and affordable, is also very fashionable!
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