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Don't forget sunglasses street snap cool girl choose accessories

by:Eugenia     2020-07-28
Summer cool wind blow gently, blow to open the girls heart little peach blossom, see the fashionable modelling of streets, are you inner mood. according fanaticism? If began to worry about how the street wear take to show your cool girl image? Secret actually very simple, as long as in the daily dress to add some unique accessories, such as sunglasses, can turn ordinary for magical, let you pull up the appearance of the whole street level! Handsome sunglasses said to deserve to act the role of sunglasses is a better choice, of course, a pair of crazy drag cool sunglasses, will more highlight your style, promote aura. To choose a suitable for his face sunglasses, not only can rise to decorate, still can make you more photogenic oh, essential artifact is out of the street. You can also like the universe first blogger chiara ferragni, put it as props of autodyne, scissorhands brim to where go to? So what sunglasses can highlight your cool girl image? Square sunglasses: sunglasses factory YC9705 general sunglasses C2 grind arenaceous black/dazzle colour blue anta AT8005C1 fashion sunglasses big black box frame sunglasses polarized sunglasses circle: ray-ban RB4242 6201/13 ms brown sunglasses factory YC9703 unisex eyeglass frame sunglasses C13 blue white box and black leg/dazzle colour green frog mirror: anta AT8001C1 elegant black female frog mirror the stylish sunglasses authentic polarized sunglasses sunglasses factory 9805 mirror legs gun lens dark green frog mirror real driver mirror man alloy polarized sunglasses panama hat light color sunglasses can instantly improve your aura, but if you want to completely reverse the image, is various, young and romantic light panama hat, not only practical, and leisure with sharp rocks a sex, let you easily so several notches higher than others. Especially those who always feel girl, big face a light-colored panama hat will make you fondle admiringly. Box bag a chic hand bag can make you dazzling eye-catching, successful second kill people! Even ordinary dress again, hand bag, also can quickly become fashionable. Today, playing CARDS, books, etc. , as long as it is the Box in the shape of a hand bag can be designed into handbags, novel nifty is it.
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