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Don't forget your sunglasses winter skiing

by:Eugenia     2020-07-20
It is often said that a good preparation is half the work. Winter is people's favorite travel northeast snow season, but if you go to a skiing holiday, don't wear glasses, so you might look not to enjoy the beauty of the snow. Winter ski sunglasses is not only for good-looking, more major is to protect her eyes. Especially the sunlight through the water, snow or damp road reflectors, let you don't open your eyes in the snow. So try to wear polarized sunglasses skiing. Also can be color lenses with a nature of polarized light, the photochromic lenses provide you with the ideal visual acuity, visual comfort and excellent uv protection and light effects, according to the changing lighting conditions automatically respond: from the interior of the transparent color to black sun, and outdoor sunshine sunshine. Ray-ban sunglasses RB3016 fashion, of course, if you are a skier, mirror can also choose to skiing, it's just the glasses design is the same, and not convenient. But do not will glasses, presbyopic glasses or sunglasses in bags or handbags. Glasses box or glasses box can be perfectly protect your glasses. In addition to use the micro fiber cloth or cotton keep clean glasses. Paper towel is best to avoid, because the paper of wood fiber damage lens. Recommended reading: how the lens service
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