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Don't wear dark sunglasses to drive a car

by:Eugenia     2020-07-24
Spring outing of the season began, making for many people a better choice. In order to have a nice and kind, most people will have a pair of sunglasses. But for the pilot, the sunglasses is not just to keep out sunshine, dazzling not boast, it is directly related to driving safety, but it does not mean that all is fit for drivers to wear sunglasses, not wearing dark sunglasses. Although dark sunglasses can block out light, but at the same time, it may delay time of visual signals to the brain, causing 'speed' distortion, make drivers make wrong judgment. For example, when the car forward to 80 km per hour, wearing the sunglasses can make the drivers that color too deep to the road conditions of the reaction time to extend 100 milliseconds, increasing 2. 2 meters distance on the brakes. Sunglasses factory YC9708 general sunglasses leg/C1 black box gold lens ash that we should choose what color of sunglasses? Should choose better absorption effect lens, light color such as brown, gray, blackish green, etc. Brown filter blue light more thoroughly, and the effects of a grey lens of color and brightness. This is due to the lens color too deep shades can send the image to the brain's time delay eye, extend an accident drivers react to situations. In addition to color the driver cannot choose frame sunglasses's wide and heavy, can make the driver on the eyelids and cheeks feel acid, swelling, numbness, may distract drivers. Driving a car with sunglasses should be paid attention to in addition to pay attention on the color features! We are while driving to focus in front of the situation, will be after exposure to the sun, reflective road, limber windshield reflective, the illuminate of buildings on both sides of glass glance, etc, without sunglasses, it is easy to cause eye fatigue, also affect the safety. Ordinary sunglasses can keep out glare, unable to stop the reflected light, dazzle light, etc. , and polarizer can filter scattering, inflectional, reflection caused by various factors such as dazzling glare, and the overall environment of the light does not substantially darker, need to see thing also can see the real, more secure comfortable! And don't choose the assembly may be green and red sunglasses, otherwise becomes a man-made 'red green color blindness', can't distinguish the traffic lights. Want to know more driving skills to choose sunglasses sunglasses net factory glasses to dig more information, website: https://www. yichao。 Cn
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