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Dress collocation in sunglasses led street fashion

by:Eugenia     2020-08-31
From the start to the season last spring and summer, dress has become the tide of fashion sheet is tasted. But the skirt is popular key to see how to choose shoes to match, don't cry because it is a temporary 'negligence' didn't match well and become a laughing stock. Integral collocation is the key, but the key will also need a punchline, such as wearing a sunglasses. An appropriate sunglasses can make you more brilliant, earn popularity. Because the winter is cold, even on the skirt to increase thickness or not beautiful and warm, then you might as well choose a pair of boots to match. You can also continue movement wind wave foot sneakers, but also a street girl. For those from the girls hate day high, with a pair of elegant, sexy high-heeled shoes is their Perfect standard of the heart. Of course in addition to the above shoes you also can match flat shoes, scooter and so on.
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