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Dress collocation uv protection sunglasses, summer travel trends

by:Eugenia     2020-08-26
Takeaway: from each big brand 2014 chun xia series is not difficult to find the be fond of of designers on the skirt. Although skirt such item is chun xia's necessary to design a year, but you can always in such a limited field of sui generis, let the brand image play incisively and vividly. It is easy to see that uv protection sunglasses become now the tide people the necessary sheet is tasted. Small make up together with small make up today to learn tide people how to use the uv dress collocation fashion sunglasses, meimei, and protecting the eyes! The fashion tide people probably Triple W I like to wear set up. Full of the flavor of the girl short white dress with black leather, with classic black and white color, combined with the different elements of the collision, in the sweet highlights individual characteristics and unique style, taste is beautiful. Combined with classic round box uv protection sunglasses, much a few minutes handsome, expressed a fashion personality best! The collocation of the hipster simple but absolutely is bright eye model. Elegant dress plus feminine pear flower head, wearing a distinctive sunglasses, women's gentle. Also special show high proportions of coordination. Printing a return every year. In addition to flower 'SAO' than those who also than those who spend 'fashion'. Especially popular this year big flower deserves to go up the design of the simple color, unique style fall in particular about li also emphasized. Printed floral skirt is a kind pure and fresh include light female tender feelings of dress, with a hat is a little more amorous feelings of the beach, sunglasses should give full play to its role, sunshade, uv protection, tie-in dress, etc.
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