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Drive to wear sunglasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-07-22
Wearing a pair of sunglasses when driving, both can uv protection and beautiful, but we know that vision is driving is important, but so many color sunglasses, what colour is suitable to drive? Sunglasses factory S9101 new sunglasses to our fleet frame hawksbill/lens gradient tea is not the same person, engage in different activities, should choose different lenses. Scene grey piece: can stick to real color, appropriate people usually used to maintain the eyes, the day usually outdoor activities. Blue mercury piece: special blue mercury coating, can be more useful to prevent glare and light, especially suitable to those who are afraid of light in outdoor wear, such as corneal disease, iris defect patients, is usually appropriate for skiing and movement on the sea. Amber slices: medium of light transmittance, visual soft, useful filtering harmful blue light, bay glare, is suitable the elderly in outdoor wear. Porn: you can add picture contrast, appropriate low vision patients during the daytime outdoor activities to wear, also suitable people usually wear when shooting and golf. Sunglasses factory ms YC9709 sunglasses C4 hawksbill/lens grey black tea tablets: appropriate patients with retinitis pigmentosa, also control the person right in the day. Many people assume that, the deeper the color the better uv protection function. Actually, sunglasses filter ultraviolet function associated with the membrane of plating, color is not as deep as possible. Especially on the remote control, if wear sunglasses color is too deep, simpler tired eyes, from the intense sunlight into the tunnel lights flash, such as local and more risk. And sunglasses color too deep eyes could delay the impression moment are sent to the brain, the visual distortion of delay and forming speed feeling, make the driver fault judgment, causing severe traffic disturbance. Is marked by discussion, when the car to travel 80 km per hour, deep sunglasses will be the driver for extending reaction time 100 milliseconds, add 2. 2 meters distance on the brakes. So don't choose color too deep sunglasses of avoid by all means. And fashionable young people, with a variety of colors of sunglasses, working clothes. Many beautiful colors of sunglasses, et play might as well, but should not be used while driving. Like many girls like pink and purple lenses, will change color, spectral, should not be wearing while driving. At the same time, experts argue that if people driving in to create conditions with sunglasses which can deal with the sun's doubt, don't wear sunglasses. Due to the outstanding sunglasses can useful to reduce the impact on the human eye light, but there will be more or less effect to eyesight. Driving as a high-risk operation, simple miscalculation into disturbance to the environment. If really to use sunglasses when driving, it claims that Canon in the walk, at ordinary times develop habits to wear sun glasses to walk or work situation. Demand prompt is, if you are not wearing sunglasses at ordinary times, don't put in the car alone.
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