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Dsquared2 series sunglasses wind restoring ancient ways

by:Eugenia     2020-08-12
混合的 n ' Match high mixing is a new season wind Dsquared2 source of inspiration. Design to follow the Maison consistent creed active again on the outline, size, style in the extreme contrast. Endless innovation and restoring ancient ways collocation, luxury and contracted mixture, the combination of bold and concise simple but elegant line, and the new sun glasses was born, and for those who have the courage to express themselves, the release of their own people, not only attract eyeball, they can make you leave a lasting impression.

new season Dsquared2
Dsquared2 lady, never meet a single image, with 10 new sunglasses freewheeling change collocation, their image is variable and an enviable. Want to become mature beauty, can choose to wear attractive more show elegant ultra-light DQ32, DQ33 or metal, acetate material DQ30 and DQ31; Want to try Lolita style, can match the vivid DQ34 and DQ35.

high mixing wind
DQ36, DQ37, DQ38 and DQ39 designed for the & # 8220; 绯闻女孩》 Degree of body design. Escape from the endless paparazzi and a declaration of people chase, hide in the big glasses with polished metal details, individual character make public.

the DQ 27 seven men sunglasses design style as well as women with follow the & # 8220; Young and mature & # 8221; Concept, subtle differences between full of neutral beauty of hold up person. Influenced by the punk in the seventy s temperament, DQ21 and DQ22 design more young customers, they think deserve to act the role of choice is not only for dot eyeball integral collocation, but also a self expression.
in the same period, the influence of DQ29 series is a wraparound sunglasses, bold look the same for women face. Glasses before by a lightweight metal package, LOGO & # 8221; D” Set in the center of the contour, allowing anyone to perfect boldly show their personal style.
super light pilot series DQ22, DQ23, mature to satisfy the customer demand, the same DQ27 and DQ28, compared with the previous design, fuller has more simple sense, increased acetate fiber cutting. This season's advertising posters by supermodel Lara Stone and model Kerry Degman wear the sun glasses together, the two iconic and inspiration comes from the party after the warm atmosphere and noisy. The design style of the
DQ31 mature and keep neutral element. Redefined the classic aviator sunglasses, a retrospect of the 70 s and 80 s transition period. It's famous luminescent spot lies in the blend of the & # 8220; Rebel & # 8221; And the & # 8220; Allure the & # 8221; 。
from the first quarter of the top men's iconic design elegant style. DQ27 in the first Angle sun glasses into the outline of the round, having a personal appeal for mature male customers build perfect glasses.
men sunglasses with the popular trend of the previous season, arouse the hip-hop culture in the 70 s. Different colour polishing metal has increased the strength of the framework. Its leg side piece of the design of the similar lattice framework in reducing weight glasses at the same time, make wearing more comfortable and convenient.
man aviator sunglasses, light metal movement style, the upper beam and its leg side piece of high quality leather details for glasses add a lot of natural breath, at the same time the color of the frame is more fashionable. Add feeling restoring ancient ways sparkle gradient or monochrome lenses.
is a blend of typical rebellion in the 70 s and 80 s classic grace, this is a pair of glasses for double identity woman. Frame based on the wide side acetate and use polishing metal polishing, mirror feet match the color of the picture frame, mirror legs Dsquared2 LOGO with laser cutting.
lively, bright, light, this fiber sunglasses color contrast in the pursuit of fashionable young women. Bright red before the picture frame with ivory white mirror legs, a maroon, orange, purple, or neutral in tone, such as black, dark brown and beige to choose from. Ms DQ39:
the whole series of bold style, all the details of the design is so attention getter. Acetate frame design for different profile, especially in the edge of the front frame is embedded with elegant metal decorations.
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