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Dunhill Dunhill build 2015 chun xia new sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-29
Dunhill ( 登喜路) Build 2015 chun xia series glasses, blend in elegance in fashion design, and the material and super uv protection, makes the appearance of each pair of sunglasses and practical one. For perennial curtilage in the office and home office, away from the city hustle and bustle of travel is to make the preferred choice of body and mind have a rest. Dunhill ( 登喜路) Brand creative director John Ray keen have noticed the trend, and in remote locations for the idea, to build the 2015 chun xia series. Neither drive to the fields, or to travel to distant destinations, dunhill, 登喜路) Men can from natural light changes and Bai Tianjian long brought about by the unique scene capture inspiration. In combination with dunhill ( 登喜路) Sports and leisure series sunglasses, immediately reflect different temperament styles. Innovation, adventure, travel is dunhill ( 登喜路) The appeals of the sport series glasses. In addition to clever design and clear lines of the lens curve movement, the more the surface of various materials and carbon fiber materials, and into the rubber, highlight the elements of the movement. In particular, dunhill, 登喜路) Sunglasses, blend in elegance in fashion design, the optimum material and super uv protection, make each pair of appearance and practicability of the highest. A pure cotton silk blended driving jacket, coat decoration interesting large fangs lines, and wear a much-loved sweater, driving with a pair of soft suede shoes as well as their favorite socks, men are practical to choose dress, to match a pair of dunhill ( 登喜路) Glasses reflect his real personality. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact
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