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Each big brand sunglass popularity inventory of 2015 autumn winters

by:Eugenia     2020-07-17
Early autumn is coming, are you looking for a suitable autumn sheet is tasted? Don't worry, brands have launched the new winter glasses series of fashionable feeling empty, let you release the beauty in this romantic season. Prada in May this year, Prada product preview activities held in Beijing the glasses of 2015 autumn winters, essence and lasting charm to show its unique style. This season, Prada, innovation, curiosity and traditional process throughout the design and production process, make a clean and simple, romantic style restoring ancient ways. Valentino by MARIA GRAZIA CHIURI and PIERPAOLO PICCIOL design of 2014/2015 series of sunglasses, embodies the balance, frank and strong personality. This series features classic set and prototype, to create fine detail, materials and textures, achieve high level. Miu Miu Miu Miu glasses series of the season following fashion consistent design concept, thickening of the lens body convey a clear and bold style design style and unique individual character, colour collocation also enhance the visual contrast effect, pink, peach, jade color tortoiseshell and white collocation, full of vitality. FENDIFENDI 2015/2016 autumn and winter Paradeyes sunglasses series. Flowers of bird of paradise in this series with FENDI fashion show for inspiration, skillfully using geometrical line and contour design technique, the unique structure and the opening of the innovative design sunglasses perfect together, through the proportion of the outstanding balance, highlight the brand sense of modern fashionable and delicate feminine. JACOBSMARC MARC JACOBS glasses series of 2015 autumn winters is to restore ancient ways inspiration and ingenious fusion of modern fashion, the new glasses designed with large size shape, classical geometry line tie-in color, perfect reveals the unique brand of delicate attitude. Dolce& GabbanaDolce& Gabbana glasses series of 2015 autumn winters with clothing on the show also luxuriant to let a person remember, hollow out of the frame and wide color picture frame let the person wearing it particularly outstanding. JIMMY CHOOJimmy Choo launched a series of high standard of 2015 autumn winters charm sunglasses and optical frames, design inspiration comes from the red carpet of shining star, perfect deduce the Hollywood is wanton bold gorgeous, delicate and elegant. Victoria phenomenon continue Victoria phenomenon of brand characteristics, combined with bright colors and exaggerated mirror design to launch new fashion sunglasses series of 2015 autumn winters Classic Victoria Aviator, the series is divided into two groups, including the styles of the mirror and delicate eyebrow.
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