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Each big international brand new sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-26
Sunglasses as a kind of fashion accessories, the international trend of big shop sign also very pay attention to the design of sunglasses and updated. Early in 2016 has come, let us look at the 2016 international brand new sunglasses. Bottega VenetaBottega Veneta new Felis series modelling of cat's eye sunglasses, set limit to 500 only. With his unique visual Angle, the creative director Tomas Maier represents the long history Bottega Veneta and understated elegance wind knitting elements into glasses series design. Felis sun glasses to choose the polarization of the world's thin mineral lenses, seven inches barrel hinge device also makes its wear more stable and comfortable, create a modern, luxury and charismatic female temperament. Accessories also strives for perfection, the product the attached custom hand-made woven leather mirror boxes, and boxes. DiorDior dior in the 2016 summer DIORSPLIT sunglasses series, with breaking up a new geometric deducting classics. Circular metal framed against the background of ultra-fine mirror arm, and with embedded circular lenses to form strong visual impact, perfect echo this season fashion stripe element. The design inspiration of this series of glasses will be sensitive to female charm and delicate, pure and elegant fusion accuracy, strength and impact, and to give perfect deduce. DIORSPLIT series, moreover, the sun glasses provide the following attractive color combinations to choose from: golden frame and silver mirror, golden frame with pink mirror slice, the gold frames with silver green lenses, silver metal frames and light blue mirror, silver metal frame with blue lens. Giardini ItalianiGiardini Italiani CAT EYE sunglasses: engraved with delicate geometric crystal flower pattern on the picture frame and enamel texture. Bulgari women shows sexy and charming, on behalf of the charm of the Italian women of different level. New advertising blockbuster shows elegant atmosphere and random confident attitude, in the artistic conception of freedom, shows the bulgari represented by the bold and unrestrained and elegant Italian style. Fashion sunglasses recommend: sunglasses factory YC9713 general sunglasses C3 hawksbill/tea sunglasses factory ms YC9702 sunglasses C5 white box purple legs/lens dazzle colour purple
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