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Early autumn with Yang Yang play glasses to be fashionable

by:Eugenia     2020-07-18
Autumn is the season of difficult tie-in dress, wear too little a bit cold, wear more hot, how to build and clothes feel very strange. At that time you will learn the fashionista wear take tips, look at how 90 after Yang Yang play play a fashionable sunglasses! 1, Yang Yang, a frame glasses make the feelings restoring ancient ways in the theme of 'postman' town scene, wearing a cloth clothing texture, shuttle in the past, frame glasses gentleman good collocation, and deduce the early autumn of the feelings restoring ancient ways is full of fashion. 2, sunglasses, dress up as lovely, youth sun Yang Yang to a peacetime high cold dignified appearance, make all sorts of wacky expressions, more in line with the outside world 'fresh meat' to him, be clever and lovely, big frame sunglasses covered face is appearance level. 3, black covered face show fortitude character wearing bright colors and Yang went in the summer streets eyes, all the youth invincible breathed, 'black covered face tothe show fortitude character. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn recommended glasses: sagawa fujii 7395 dc01w tide model of plank of wood box big yards unisex imitation wood black myopia glasses bamboo wood wild sichuan Z1608 unisex eyeglass frame C04 bright black ray-ban RB2140 - F black box blackish green sheet piece of fashion leisure male big yards sunglasses
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