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Easy to remember pick wearing sunglasses and maintenance skills

by:Eugenia     2020-08-15
Sunglasses mirror legs easy deformation, the lens problem such as scratch, has been a lot of sunglasses worn lovers heart. These problems, however, can actually by keeping a few small habits can effectively solve, just a lot of friends feel trouble and not to implement, long time not to natural sunglasses maintenance form a habit, so most of the friends of the sunglasses is so easy to damage, so let's take a look at also easy to remember pick wearing sunglasses and maintenance skills. Recommended reading: custom sunglasses what factors need to consider both sunglasses and glasses, in the process of ordinary pick wear, will cause many subtle to frame wear and damage, such as single hand picked the habit of wearing sunglasses is a lot of people, but the passage of time is very easy to cause deformation of sunglasses loose; At this time should be to develop grasped its leg, is facing the habit of take off sunglasses. Both pick sunglasses way not trouble, but the latter is obvious better than the former is the most important protective effect on sunglasses. Gucci GG3675 ms/S 4 WHJJ sunglasses black gold and when the sunglasses, many of its leg folding is not care, but folded wrong order will lead to serious distortion of sunglasses frames, correct folding sequence should be the first to pack up the mirror on the left leg. Sunglasses, there are a lot of friends is not to measure at the place, which is a major factor leading to wear sunglasses, right way should be wrapped in after the dust cloth to wipe, or with a dustproof bag, glasses up placed in a box, mirror mirror box don't put any other sharp or hard objects, so as not to scratch the lens frame. Finally is sunglasses easily touch dirt and grease, can lead to blurred vision, and therefore a lot of friends in order to save trouble, casually with finger or paper towel to wipe, but it is very easy to cause lenses that scarred. The correct behavior should be with a soft cloth, It is best to special cleaning cloth) Wipe the dirt on the lens. If attached to the lens grittiness, use cold water first, reoccupy cloth wipe, avoid by all means with your fingers. Ray-ban sunglasses RB3016 men 1145/30 other sunglasses maintenance skills: 1, do not put sunglasses for a long period of time in the water soak, sun exposure; 2, avoid putting sunglasses on the high temperature environment, because of the high temperature will lead to frame serious deformation, and affect the lenses to light protective effect, common mistake is to put sunglasses in the car dashboard near; 3, sunglasses without any protection measures, do not directly into the bag or handbag, because it is very easy to cause scratches sunglasses. Recommended reading: driving sunglasses not just can wear the
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