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EFFECTOR launched 2015 chun xia series new glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-09-02
Notoriously handmade EFFECTOR glasses brand HAVEN by prominent trend of Canada announced formally, at the same time, the EFFECTOR also issued a new glasses in spring and summer series in 2015, eagle claw, person cranial first-class elements are added to many classic, and were presented, such as flat and sunglasses have amber color and pure black optional. Effector glasses was founded in 2004, the Japanese, as one of Japan's glasses manufacturer, at first is joint launch of new products, and each big brand design its own brand glasses gradually in recent years. Founder deeply glasses market lacks some Rock Star culture and so on Effector glasses design highlight unruly Rock culture. With woodiness material framework, with black and white and dichromatic, highlight the presence of a thick. Other Japanese brand glasses such as seiko, sagawa fujii, etc are also unique, occupies a certain place in glasses are on the market, get the favour of broad consumer.
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