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Empress sun li sun glasses show MOE

by:Eugenia     2020-07-17
Just into September, empress grandson couple out and basically in weibo group published a titled 'hello' September's photo. In the photo, sun li to show a real buyers, wearing sunglasses whimsy, and give a close-up of suspenders, shoes, short hair is more handsome mirror. Looks like an empress had than the influence of deng chao is not to the light! Overalls with short hair, then wear that she loved mykita hunter fashion sunglasses, sun li handsome rejuvenation. But it take like deng chao, empress be husband took the painting style of all wrong. With deng chao sun li sunglasses block, hot mom tide dad face smartly mykita hunter is undoubtedly feminine love, where to get it to concave shape. Empress sun li is very fond of sunglasses, collect a lot of personality sunglasses, specific information, small make up in the tide 'grandson couple possession of sunglasses turned to do the article has introduced. Recommend sunglasses, ray-ban RB2140 - F black box blackish green sheet piece of fashion leisure male big yards sunglasses the ray-ban sunglasses sheet is made of high quality, comfortable and beautiful; Square big box of design but also to the fashion atmospheric tide van, let you forward sliding sideways; Ray - on the leg Ban logo, reveal personality fashion brand positioning; Metal hinge perfect show details of the process, the brand quality double assurance; The bridge of the nose a body design, keep out the unified, more smooth lines. Heighten nasal design, more suitable for Asian people to wear.
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