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Endorsement of a supermodel gulkov glasses of 2013 autumn winters

by:Eugenia     2020-08-21
Reputation in Europe's top brands joop ( Gulkov) , it is one of the three largest high-end fashion brand in Germany, in addition to the clothing, gulkov and perfume, decorations, leather goods and lifestyle, and other series of product design. The gulkov AD invited supermodel LarsBurmeister and qiu dong LarsBurmeister starred, by DylanDon photography, KathiKauder is responsible for modelling. 2013 autumn winters in the advertising posters, supermodel MarynaLinchuk transformed into mature charm city girl, s-curve figure and model LarsBurmeister flirt in the dark the luxurious atmosphere of ambiguity, the entire image texture strong exception is about to drip.
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