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Enjoy summer BOLON x tiffany tang |, embrace the sun

by:Eugenia     2020-09-04
Tiffany tang with BOLON glasses enjoy private twins - trip across the two resorts - Luxury and romance in the maldives dubai, but these two places all have one thing in common - - Some like it hot sun. Dubai is located in the desert, the sun directly, hot; And is known as a pearl of the maldives, sunshine, gentle and romantic. Whether it is a kind of sunshine, can choose to suit their own sunglasses, easily embrace the sun, enjoy the summer. BOLON tyrannosaurus paragraph glasses ROSE BL2511 a pair of sunglasses, perfect surface for overall modelling more elegant. The ROSE sunglasses was inspired by the French romantic style, the French ROSE Sophie Marceau special regards. Red flying officer sunglasses BOLON tyrannosaurus BL2560 flight mirror, restoring ancient ways collocation trend polarized lens, let you free to travel in summer at the same time, for the overall modelling more bright spot. Blue camouflage polarized sunglasses BOLON tyrannosaurus BL2570 who says women can't control the camouflage element? The polarized sunglasses, on the design of the mirror legs joined the tide of camouflage printed this summer, let integral modelling more willfulness and cool feeling. Dark glasses BOLON BL2570 tyrannosaurus glasses in the hot sun the maldives to the sunshine and want to watch the sea view? Put on a pair of dark glasses, let you enjoy the whole afternoon sun. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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