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Essilor color lens price_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-27
Essilor is a well-known brand of high-quality optical spectacle lenses. It is produced, designed and sold by the world's largest optometry enterprise group, and enjoys a high reputation in the world. Essilor's color-changing lens, when encountering strong sunlight, the lens changes color very quickly, and at the same time it recovers very well. As long as you leave the strong light environment, you can immediately return to a colorless state. Essilor lenses, as the most commonly used type of lenses for myopia sunglasses, are loved and supported by many myopia patients. Therefore, the price of Essilor lenses is generally concerned by the general public. The following editor will introduce the prices of several Essilor lenses. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Essilor color lens price Essilor X-power color film polarizer 1.591 spherical diamond crystal A2 film, market price: 2400.0 yuan, OULE price: 1632.0 yuan; Essilor full sight sixth generation color change (gray/tea) 1.501 Spherical white crystal, market price: 980.0 yuan, OULE price: 666.0 yuan; Essilor full sight sixth-generation discoloration (gray) 1.552 aspheric diamond crystal, market price: 1680.0 yuan, OULE price: 1142.0 yuan; Essilor X -Power color film polarizer 1.591 spherical anti-fog film, market price: 2660.0 yuan, OULE price: 1809.0 yuan; Essilor XTRActive color changing (gray) 1.591 A360 anti-fog film, market price: 4350.0 yuan, OULE price: 2958.0 Yuan; Essilor Full Sight Sixth Generation Color Change (Gray/Tea) 1.501 Spherical White Crystal Custom Sheet, Market Price: 1360.0 Yuan, OULE Price: 925.0 Yuan; Essilor Full Sight Sixth Generation Color Change (Gray) 1.665A360 Diamond Crystal A2 film, market price: 6990.0 yuan, OULE price: 4549.0 yuan; Essilor full sight sixth-generation discoloration (gray) 1.665A360 anti-fog film, market price: 7250.0 yuan, OULE price: 4930.0 yuan; Essilor full The sixth-generation color-changing (gray) 1.737 aspheric diamond crystal A2 film of sight, market price: 1,2800.0 yuan, OULE price: 8740.0 yuan; Price: 13060.0 yuan, OULE price: 8881.0 yuan; Essilor color-changing lenses generally use PC and resin as the lens material. The price will vary according to the type of film and the refractive index. Its coating type can generally be divided into four types: white crystal, super anti-fog, diamond crystal A2 and diamond crystal Zhijie. Among them, Zhuanjing A2 is the most advanced coating technology at present, and it is the type of coating preferred by consumers.
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