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Essilor Cosmic Film Features, Essilor Cosmic Film Price_Lens Knowledge

by:Eugenia     2022-02-07
Essilor cosmic lens is the collective name of Essilor 1.591 refractive index lens, and it is one of the best lenses. In the official price of Essilor lenses, the series are now available: Essilor Universe Diamond Crystal Zhijie is 880 yuan, Essilor Universe Diamond Diamond A2 is 980 yuan, and Essilor Universe Anti-Fog is 1380 yuan; In this series of customized films, the white crystal of Essilor universe film is 660 yuan, and the double-sided aspheric anti-fog of Essilor universe film is 1,980 yuan. One of the characteristics of Essilor Cosmos lens is that it is 30% thinner than ordinary resin lenses. It is not suitable for use with all plastic frames because it cannot fully experience the comfort of weight reduction. If it is matched with a pure titanium frame, it will make you forget their existence. The beautiful Essilor universe film also has super abrasion resistance, and is popular among urban white-collar men. You can enjoy super discounts when you buy Essilor Cosmic Films on OULE Glasses Network. Essilor Universe Film Type In the current film, only the aspheric surface can be equipped with various functions such as Zhuanjing Zhijie, Zhujing A2, and anti-fog. In the customized film, the spherical and aspheric surfaces can be the same as Zhujing Zhijie, Zhujing A2, and so on. Three kinds of anti-fogging film are matched, double-sided aspherics are matched with Diamond A2 and two anti-fogging films. The Essilor Universe lens has strong impact resistance and is not easily broken. Its performance is 10 times that of ordinary resin lenses. It can withstand the impact that most ordinary resin lenses cannot withstand in accidents. Essilor cosmic lens luminosity range cosmic lens can only be used for myopia glasses lens, customized lens can be used for presbyopic lens. The luminosity range of the cosmic film (aspheric surface) is 0-200 degrees for astigmatism and 0-800 degrees for astigmatism + myopia. The luminosity range of the customized cosmic film (spherical and aspheric surface) is astigmatism 0-600 degrees, astigmatism + myopia 0-1600 degrees; the luminosity range of the cosmic customized film (double-sided aspheric) is astigmatism 0-400 degrees, astigmatism + Myopia is 0-1000 degrees. Not only the luminosity range is large, but also the Essilor cosmic film can effectively block ultraviolet rays, UVA and UVB, and reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to the eyes. Lenses with different characteristics are matched with frames made of different materials. In addition to mid-priced universe films, Essilor also has high-end Essilor and Linate series. Among the PC lenses of Essilor, there is also a good student series for teenagers.
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