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Essilor progressive lens price, Essilor progressive lens features_Lens knowledge

by:Eugenia     2022-02-07
The price of Essilor progressive lenses varies depending on the series. At present, there are two major series: Essilor Wanlilu Progressive and Essilor Good Student Progressive. Take Essilor's progressive lens Wanlilu as an example. The prices from low to high are Free Vision, Comfortable, Easy Vision, Rui Vision, and Vision. The minimum eyeglass height for free-view and comfortable short channel is 14mm, the minimum eyeglass height for standard channel is 17mm, and the minimum eyeglass height for Seejue is 14mm, 16mm, and 18mm, respectively. The time required to wear different series is also different. Free Vision is generally 3 weeks, Comfort and Ease Vision are generally 2 weeks, Rui Vision is generally 1 week, and Rui Vision 360 is generally 3 to 5 days. Compared with Zeiss lenses, the price of Essilor is slightly lower. Features of Essilor Progressive Lenses When a person has presbyopia, he usually prepares two pairs of glasses, one for looking far away and the other for looking near. Frequent replacement of glasses, occasionally it may not be able to find where a pair of glasses is placed, which brings inconvenience to life. Essilor progressive lenses mainly have 3 vision areas, from top to bottom, they are distance vision area, intermediate vision area, and near vision area. Progressive multifocal glasses allow the wearer to focus and switch easily at any distance. The comfortable and continuous visual sense of Essilor progressive lens makes people return to the natural vision of their youth. Personalized service of Essilor progressive lens. The lower light zone of a progressive multifocal lens is generally below the '+' point. Human eyes cannot use the lower light zone to see close under normal physiological conditions. The eyeball must be turned downward and inward to make The line of sight passes through the down-light zone, selects the Ruishi type and the Vision series, and also provides personalized services, such as requiring the wearer to provide parameters such as the head angle and the distance of the eyeball rotation center. The price of Essilor progressive lens is on the official price list of Essilor lens. The price of Freevision is lower, the lowest price is 1.502 white crystal plus hard price is 799 yuan, and the highest price is 3059 yuan for 1.501 full sight anti-fog; the price of comfort type is medium , The lowest 1.502 white crystal plus hard price is 1199 yuan, and the highest 1.591 full sight anti-fog is 6859 yuan. OULE glasses network and Essilor company in-depth cooperation, provide larger discounts. The formula for calculating the best pupil height of Essilor progressive film can calculate the best pupil height of each series through the calculation formula of progressive processing. The formula is hu003dH/2+5 (h is pupil height, H is frame height, and 5mm is the constant of proportionality) Essilor lens technology is leading, and it is also reflected in the use of leading wave technology in the front and rear arc of the Ruishi type, and the breakthrough of the Vision series The double-sided progressive lightening design and image stabilization technology allow the wearer to obtain ultra-high definition when moving or observing moving objects. In addition to Essilor, Zeiss Lingrui progressive lenses, TAG Heuer 3D full vision progressive lenses, and OULE Wanread progressive lenses are all good choices.
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